About Nepal

Nepal contains more of the world's highest mountains than any other country does. The total length of the Nepal Himalayas measures roughly about 800 kilometers. Some of the best known peaks this country boats include Mt. Sagarmatha (Everest) Makalu, Manaslu, Lhotse, Nuptse, Annapurna and of course Dhaulagiri. They are all 8000 m. high above sea level. Quite a sight to marvel at.

Nepal is also a home to many legendary tribes such as Sherpas, the great mountain climbers, Gorkhas, the valiant fighters, Newars, the master craftsman of international repute. Apart this Lord Buddha, the apposite of peace was born here too.

Nepal is a poor country indeed but rich enough to offer all the best natural beauty and many cultural splendors it has for your personal pleasure. Angela Locke, a lady writer from UK rightly says that the contrast between the apparent squalor and the sheer beauty of Nepal, the grace and gentleness of the people, the life of the sprit is all too much for the western minds. And when they go home they will never the same again.
As if to make it clear enough a noted travel writer - Howardh Huch tells us the following story:

Once upon a time in the early days of 1929 American Stock Market crash there were two New Yorkers. The first (a rich speculator) had just lost his entire fortune save $ 5000 and he jumped to his death over looking Wall Street in despair. The second (an immigrant shopkeeper) had on the same day just reached his life goal or saving $ 500 to buy his own home and he threw a party. The amount was the same. The outlooks were different. The "shopkeeper" in the parable is, Nepal.

This is what Nepal is like. Please tell us what kind if Nepal you have in your mind. You are free to choose your own personal Nepal and yourself. Nepal is all seasonal holiday destinations. Come any time you feel like. You are most welcome.