Packages of yoga Asana (posture)

Yoga Posture1.Stress relief. A few minutes of yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily - in both the body and mind.
2. Weight loss.Sun Salutations,KapalBhati,  agnisharkriya and many other technique help toloose weight.
4. Inner peace.We can experience inner peace by doing yoga asana.
5. Improved immunity.Yoga poses massage organs and strengthen muscles, activate endocrine gland, produce anti stress hormones and improve immunity.
6. Awareness.Asana join our body, mind and soul and developed greater awareness.
7. Increased energy. A few minutes of yoga everyday provides the secret to feeling fresh and energetic even after a long day.
8. Better flexibility.Regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong and flexible.
It is good to learn and practice yoga techniques under the supervision of a trained teacher AcharyaPrakash(M.Sc in yogic Science ).

A)Philosophy and introduction of yoga.
B)Precautions for asana.
C)Initation: initation will be 5 minute meditation.
D)Chant 3 time aum and feel vibration and effect of aum and surrender of all the supportive factor and supreme  power.
E) Sukshymabayama (Opening of all joints)

Steaps on Sukshyamabayama

  1. Padangulinamana
  2. Gulfanamana
  3. Alternate Gulfanaman
  4. Gulfa chakra
  5. Leg overlapping
  6. Januchalan
  7. Ardhatitali
  8. Purnatitali
  9. Janunamana
  10. Janu chakra
  11. Janubakra
  12. Janudabab
  13. Merubakra
  14. GadhattmakPaschimottanasana
  15. Padaparsarit vu- namanasana
  16. Padaparsaritpaschimottanasana
  17.  Rid lachakta
  18. Navidarshanasana
  19. Paribrittajanusirasana
  20. Chatakasana 1st and 2nd phase
  21. sukhasana
  22. Britta sukhasana
  23. Bakrasukhasana
  24. Mustikabanda
  25. Madibanda
  26. Madibanda chakra
  27. KohaniNaman
  28. Skanda chakra 1st and 2nd
  29. Nayanasanchalana
  30. GirvaSanchalan 1st 2nd and 3rd phase
  31. Yoga mudrasana
  32. Paribrittasukhasana
  33. Bajrasana
  34. Manduka asana
  35. Kurma asana
  36. Pashchhabajrasana
  37. Sasanka asana
  38. Sasankabhujanja asana
  39. Dog walk
  40. Drutaashowsanchalan
  41. AshowDhavan asana
  42. Relaxation

Yoga in Nepal2nd Phase Standing Sukshma Asana

  1. UttithPadangulinamana
  2. UttithGulfanamana
  3. UttithGulfa chakra
  4. Uttithjanu chakra
  5. Kurshi asana
  6. kammarsanchalan
  7. Gadyatmaktrikona asana
  8. Gadyatmakuttithkati asana etc.

After sukshmabayama
we will do 50 selected asana and you will learn hindered technique of asana. On the end of asana you will learn some relaxation technique which will very beneficial to reduce everyday stress.
On the end of session we will do shanti path for peace of all human being.

What is soul meditation?
This meditation for everybody who have passion to know truth and want to self-realization. This meditation controls all of problems which is related to stress. Soul meditation help to develop consciousness, awareness and we can feel wholeness with in us

Benefit of soul meditation.

  1. Provides peace of mind and bliss.
  2. Awakening and purification of the Chakras (energy centres)
  3. Increased acceptance of oneself
  4. Helps living in the present moment.
  5. Expansion of consciousness
  6. Increase self-actualization.
  7. Changes attitude toward life.
  8. Creates a deeper relationship with your God
  9. Attain enlightenment

It is not complicated to learn. It can be practiced anywhere, at any given moment, and it is not time consuming (30 min. per day is good).

What is a Soul?
Gog and soul have same character. Soul is a spiritual entity which has following character.
1)Infinite resource
2) Infinite creative
3)Infinite energy
4)Infinite love
5)Infinite pure
6)Infinite knowledge
7)Infinite ambrosia (free from fear and death)
8)Infinite bliss

Meditation technique
In meditation you can get technique how to stable with the character of soul. First of all you will learn how to weaken our energy from subtle body, after weakening energy you will connect with your soul. After connecting your soul you will get techniques how to connect with god.

What does Soul Meditation require?
Practicing soul meditation requires passion, faith, a comfortable place and the desire to be lifted to new spiritual and mental heights.

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